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CCNI Credential Application (CCC, CPCC, CMCC)

  • January 01, 2023
  • December 31, 2023



Application for CCNI Credential

What Credentialing Options Are Available Through CCNI?

  • CCC – Certified Christian Coach (60 training hours, 100 client hours).
  • CPCC – Certified Professional Christian Coach (125 training hours, 500 client hours).
  • CMCC – Certified Master Christian Coach (200 training hours, 1500 client hours).

A credential is sometimes called a certification which can create some confusion.  The key difference is that the credential is awarded through an objective third party other than a specific training school. Christian Coaching Credentials demonstrate you have met the standards of competency for the industry as a whole as compared to distinct requirements of your training school which vary greatly.

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