Supporting the Christian Community since 1998.

Welcome! You have arrived at the right place if you are looking for a Christian Life Coach, or one who specializes in business, careers, or ministry.  

The Christian Coaches Network International was established in 1998 and many denominations are represented in our membership. 

Most  members coach by phone. Making it extremely convenient. You are not limited to to selecting a coach in your geographic area.

Confidentiality is assured. Most of our members are in private practice.

There are no hidden fees. You select a coach and work directly with that person. CCNI is supported exclusively by membership fees.

Thousands of people know from experience that working with a well matched Christian Coach both accelerates and enhances the process of bringing:

  • joy and balance to a complex life 
  • profitability to business 
  • deeper meaning and focus to ministry 
  • harmony and understanding to relationships 
  • insights to transitions 
  • growth to personal life 
  • depth to the Christian walk 
  • clarity to values and purpose 
  • enhanced communication skills 
  • development professionally, personally or organizationally 
  • management of time, space, people and money