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Dr. James
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Creative Training Solutions
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President of Creative Training Solutions
Snapshot of Services
I specialize in helping people & companies improve their performance through training & development in the areas of Leadership, Team Building, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Retailing & Academia.
Welcome to Client
It would be a pleasure to provide our services to organizations and individuals who have a need and desire to improve their performance and to establish a quality of life an effort to find purpose, joy, and happiness once again.
More About Your Work
Dr. James Fantauzzo, President of Creative Training Solutions, is one of America's most dynamic human resource experts. For the last 20 years he has positively impacted organizations in the health care, manufacturing, and hospitality organizations in addition to academia. As a consultant, speaker, trainer and author, he has provided organizational development in the areas of leadership, team building, coaching and counseling, employee relations, quality, employee attitude surveys, managing change, managerial coaching, and customer service.
Fee Range
Less than $150 per month
Client Coaching Hours
Over 1000 Coaching Hours
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Primary Specialty
Provide pro-active Leadership Training for Health Care Institutions, High Technology, Hospitality and Academia
Secondary Specialty
Team building for organizational teams.
Specific Area of Coaching
  • Business Coach
  • Career Coach
  • Communication Coach
  • Executive Coach
  • Family Coach
  • Leadership Coach
  • Life Balance Coach
  • Life Purpose Coach
  • Management Coach
  • Men's Coach
  • Organizational Coach
  • Performance Coach
  • Personal Development Coach
  • Public Speaking Coach
  • Relationship Coach
  • Small Business Coach
  • Stress Management Coach
  • Team Coach
  • Time Management Coach
  • Work Skills Coach
Published Books
Self-published - The Need for Commitment
Other Certifications
National Speakers Association. Active member since 1990.
Primary Training Org
Creative Training Solutions. I have conducted extensive research on the topic of Coaching and Counseling dating back to 1990. The purpose of this research was to prepare and conduct workshops for various organizations. Additionally, it was used to help individuals in various business segments, individuals with personal concerns or problems in an effort to provide assistance to effect change and to create new awareness in their lives.
Other Training
Ph.D. Curriculum and MBA curriculum and related research. Published various articles for industry and other business segments such as health care, manufacturing, hospitality and academia.
Walden University, Ph.D., Doctor of Philosophy, July, 1991. Florida Institute of Technology, MBA, May, 1983. Drake College of Florida, BBA, May, 1963.
Personal Background
My life's continuous mission and objective is to help and assist all people and organization's who have a desire to find hope, purpose, peace of mind, rebuild their self-esteem and to improve their individual and organizational performance. This will be accomplished by utilizing Christian Coaching Concepts and my professional training and experience to effect change and to create new awareness to grow and to move forward. This will be accomplished in part, by establishing trust and support, practice active listening, focusing on the strengths of individual's and organization's and moving toward positive goals. I will be ever mindful of demonstrating of the Christian Faith during this journey.